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We've prayed.  We've consulted.  We've decided together that due to all circumstances involved, regarding the safety of our church and community members, we are suspending in-person services for the next two weeks- Nov. 29 & Dec. 6th.   This will be revisited on December 8th. 


We'd love to see you on line for these services. (Reminder:  our on line services are one week behind our in person services.)  On Nov. 29th, you will be encouraged by a message from our Children's Pastor, Tammy Yukon.  On Dec. 6th, you will be encouraged by a message from our Next Step Director, CaroLynn Kitchen.   


(I, Pastor Troy, am on vacation and in quarantine. When I returned from out of town, visiting a friend, he informed me that he tested positive for Covid-19, therefore I've been exposed.  I have had and still have no symptoms, but out of concern for others and especially for my daughter Zoey's health, I will be getting tested.)    




All Wednesday night in-person student ministries are suspended until further notice.   




All small groups may continue to meet at their own discretion.   




Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.  Psalm 118:1

While these continue to be trying times, some things don't change and never will - God's goodness and his love!  Please know, this Thanksgiving, you are deeply loved by a very good God!   Happy Thanksgiving!


God bless you and your family!!


Troy Keith

Pastor - Orchard Beach Assembly


Good news:  the Spirit of the Lord is in control!  He is guiding YOU.  He will ensure your victories.  He is your strength.  You can't see him but he's always there!    "The Spirit of the Lord took control of Othniel, and gave Othniel victory."  Judges 3:10

This Sunday, we will be sharing some VERY EXCITING NEWS!  We'll also be strengthened and encouraged through part 3 of our series:  Crush it!  If you missed part 2 last week, you won't want to miss it on line this Sunday!!  It contains important thoughts in processing this year's elections.  

With the increase we've been seeing of Covid-19 cases, please continue to be diligent in your efforts to keep yourslef and others safe.  We continue to "highly recommend" wearing a mask and we've set up the room for social distancing.  Don't forget the hand washing stations in the lobby--as you come in and leave.  (all kids in our ministries and volunteers are "required" to wear masks)

NOTE:  to help keep adequate seating available, we are asking all middle school students, who attend our FUSION group following singing time, to sit up in the front two rows together-  on the drum cage side.    After singing time, all may depart together.  Thank you! 

God bless you and have a great weekend!


Troy KeithPastor - Orchard Beach Assembly


1.  This Sunday is part 2 OF"Crush it - confronting complacency".  I believe it will be encouraging for all who believe, as our passage is addressed to believers who need a little boost to keep going.  (those watching on line will view part 1-gaining assurance of our salvation) 

2.  I heard a couple families had difficulting finding seats last week.  Please know as our attendance has been reaching capacity (with 6ft guidelines) , this week we will be better prepared to assist you and have added seating up front and in the far back.  It would help greatly if those who come earlier would seek seating closer to the front. 

3.  Last Sunday we enjoyed welcoming several families at our Newcomer Lunch!  (next one-Jan. 10)

4.  Last week, we were thrilled to love on hundreds of families during trick-or-treating and over 100 kids came to our Fall Party!

5.  A meeting to preparing for water baptism is coming up soon.  If interested in learning more, you can just reply to this email.  

We hope you are well and wish you a great weekend!    . 


Troy KeithPastor - Orchard Beach Assembly


I think many of us are getting tired.  Today I prayed:  "Lord, it's hard down here.  I'm looking forward to your return." 

Maybe you feel that way.  Maybe the dreary whether has something to do with it.  But, I think we all know, it's so much more.  It's been a long, hard year!  Tensions over the elections are high.  Divisions, even in the church, are deep.  The news is constant with Covid-19 stats that many say are and will get worse.  Staying "in the fight" gets wearisome.  I get it.  I'm with you.

Listen:  weariness can lead to apathy.  When we're tired, we're more prone to falling.  The devil  would love to kick us when we're down.  Let's not let that happen.  It's the 4th quarter and we are guaranteed a win as long as we don't quit.  Let's get back out on the field and CRUSH IT!  

This Sunday, in person, at 10:30, we begin a new series called "CRUSH IT! - confronting complacency"  Believers, in the first century, were weary just like we are.  God spoke to the Apostle John a word to give them.  This word is also for us.  If you feel safe (we hightly recommend masks), I'd love for you to join us to hear God's word for people who are tired.  Together, we can CRUSH IT!.  (the room has been getting fuller, so if able, please consider sitting way up front)

(Reminder, currently our online message is one week behind our in person gathering.  So, online this Sunday- you'll hear a great reminder of the purpose of the church from our missionary friend to the Jews- Robert Specter.  If you are only watching on line- you can tap into CRUSH IT! the following week, )

We love you.  Have a great weekend!.   It's gonna be ok!.      


Troy KeithPastor - Orchard Beach Assembly