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1.  I might be wrong!                                                                                                                                                           

Right now we are not having in-person gatherings. I’m not sure when we will. In making this decision I (we) might be wrong. 

2.  I’m scared!                                                                                                                                                                       

While I’m not aware of anyone falling away, I’m not sure which of you or how many of you will eventually return. Im told most churches are currently only seeing a 20-30% return. I’m scared that there may be some who never come back. 

3.  I feel detached!                                                                                                                                                            

While trying to keep in touch with as many as I can, I know I’m falling way short. Many of you haven’t been contacted for quite some time and likely also feel detached.  While sending texts, posting videos, and sending emails gets info out, it’s not the same as doing life together.  I feel detached. 

However, I also know I’m not alone. God’s Word has sufficiently reminded me of His presence with me. If I’m wrong, I will apologize. While I’m scared, I know God is faithful. He cares more about His church than I do and He said He’d build it. And, I know this won’t last forever. We’ll eventually gather more- whether in large groups or at least in small groups soon. 

So, how do I move forward?

1.  I keep praying and seeking counsel. God is our guide and our leadership team is unified & dependable. We will continue to be flexible- keeping you informed. 

2.  I’ll pray along with Jesus for the Father’s protection over everyone of you. He’s interceding at the right hand of the Father for each and everyone of us, right this very moment. 

3.  I’m working with our Life Group team to launch as many groups as we can this Fall- for adults, teens, and kids.  We’ll have as many opportunities to meet as safely as we can in person and on line.  I can’t wait for my group to meet again and am putting a request in for Mike Hoopsick’s stuffed cheesecake apples!  :)

Hope to see you Sunday online (recorded from Freeport Beach) for part 6 of REMAIN.   If you missed "3 Reasons to Skip Church Online", click here:  

Love, Troy


Troy KeithPastor - Orchard Beach Assembly


1.  It's just not the same as meeting in person!  This is true.  Nothing can replace the experience of being together, singing together, joining together- physically and socially and spiritually. It's not the same!

2.  More time with my family has been wonderful!  I hope this has been true for you.  My family has been able to do more on Sunday's together recreationally.  And we have enjoyed it!  Fun stuff with family has been wonderful!

3.  I tend to scroll thru several things- not getting much out of anything!  This is a temptation.  We are used to scrolling quickly.  We like to see what everyone else is up to so we don't sit in one place very long---the result--didn't get much out of it!  It's harder to keep my attention when I can easily - click - and go elswhere quickly!

However, I know the quickest way to disconnect from God is to disconnect from His people and His Word.  God's Word is nourishment for my soul, and the Lord knows I need help!  If I'm not intentional about staying connected- it's so easy to drift away. While it's summer and it's great to enjoy fun stuff with my family - without God- we have nothing.  Me, my wife, and my kids--we need God's word more than ever before.  No, watching on line is not the same as meeting in person but it is so much more than simply skipping.  Besides- because we can watch at any time- fun family times can still be had!

So, here are a few ways to make the most of it:

1.  Set a time and show up.  Just like going to church on time -decide when you will participate on line. Greet and welcome your family members to a location to watch.  It could be Sunday morning, Sunday night, or any other time.  Note--to comment & communicate live with others---check in at 9:15 or 11 am.  

2.  Use a computer, laptop, or hand held devices.  My family plugs our laptop into our TV and we watch together.  What's nice is being able to share, talk, etc without bothering people --like we would in church. 

3.  Commit to be part of the whole service.  Grab a cup of coffee, pick up your bible and tune in--really--give your attention to the service.  Sing outloud or in your head.  Circle or underline things in your bible.   If on the live Face book feed--make comments as you go along.  

4.  Let God use you.  Ask family members- concerning the message, what do you feel the Holy Spirit is speaking to you about?  What stood out to you?  Share the service with a friend or family member.   Invite them over, decide to watch together or share the message video with others through social media.  With a couple clicks--God is using you to share His world and your church with others! 

Have a great weekend!  I hope to meet with you Sunday online (filmed from Eaton Reservoir)


Troy KeithPastor - Orchard Beach Assembly

help for uncertain times

While we are all doing our best to get back to more normalcy and enjoy more freedoms, the truth is - no one knows where this is all headed.  Some believe its not as bad as it's made it out to be.  Other's believe, the worst is still to come. What do we do?  How are we supposed to cope wth such levels of uncertainty?  Fortunately, God's word speaks to this.  This may help:

1.  Stay in God's Word:  If you missed it, check out this past Sunday's message -"4 Promises in Times of Uncetainty" -Remain part 4.

2.  Pray.  I know that may sound trite.  But scripture is clear- when you don't know what to do-pray!  God is calling us out of prayerlessness.  We are in a season of "remaining/waiting".  Meet with the Lord every day.  Fix your eyes on Jesus and talk to him.  Ask yourself -what is the Spirit saying to me?  He'll speak to you.  Soon we will release a new fasting and prayer guide for the HOME -specifically for all your family members.  Church is where you are!

3.  Share with others.  There is no better way to help yourself than to help others.  Reach out, call, send a text or email. Invite others to watch our messages with you or SHARE our messages with people you love through social media. Spread the gospel!  God is working through you!.   

Please know, we love you and trust tthat thru these trials, God is beginning a NEW work in you!


Troy KeithPastor - Orchard Beach Assembly


While we've had a great 3 weeks of safely gathering, due to the latest guidelines given by governor Wolf, for no indoor gatherings of over 25, we have decided we will have no in-person Sunday services until further notice. Tough decision!

We look forward to joining you on line this Sunday at 9:15 & 11 AM for part 4 of our REMAIN series - "4 Promises for Uncertain Times" (We'll have a live Facebook host for each service.  Please check in and let us know you are with us). Messages are also available on our website: and on Youtube.


This continues to be our posture.  This is a season of focused and intentional prayer.  We'll focus more on this in the HOME.  

Fasting:  our 21 days comes to an end this Sunday, July 19. Thank you for joining us.  

Prayer:  a new Fasting and Prayer Guide for the HOME and your family will be provided soon. 


The church is where you are!

Our firefighters expressed their great appreciation for our support through our Food Parade!  Thanks to all who were able to participate.

SERVE:  Our next united opportunity to serve our community (Time to Shine) is to provide backpacks and clothing for children needing help.  (Adopt a Student- organized thru the NE Council of Churches)  We have 20 students for Orchard Beach to adopt.  Please help!  Call the church office at 725-3435 or reply to this email to get details on a child you can help.  Deadline for turning in items is Monday, August 10th.  

GIVE:  As always, thank you so much for your faithful giving to the Lord.  While the month of June was a little low, we continue to pay our bills, support our missionaries, and resource our minsitries.  This couldn't happen without your giving.  We need your giving also as we look forward to eventially hiring staff for Youth/Media.  If you haven't experienced the convenience of online giving yet, you may pursue it at 

GATHER:  Life groups are in summer mode of gathering in groups of less than 25 for picnics, recreation, friendship.  If you need help in finding a place to gather, please contact us and we'll set you up.  

May the Lord strengthen you and keep you safe as your REMAIN in Him..  


Troy KeithPastor - Orchard Beach Assembly

from pastor troy...

Isn't it true - when you sense God calling you to pray and you do it- it feels good!  It does!  It feels good to know YOU have met with God.  As you know Orchard Beach is in a season of "remaining/waiting" - prayer.  Let's feel good together- and pray!  

1.  Please listen to this Sunday's message:  "How God equips us to speak to a world that hates us."  We need to be ready!  We need to have a voice!  Full Sunday messages are only available on line (Facebook at 9:15 AM -  We have a live host ready to meet you and chat together live)  It can also be viewed on demand on our website: and on Youtube.  

2.  Join us for prayer and worship at 10:30 AM.  I know the mask thing is a pain and real issue for many. Also some are at more risk.  But if you are feeling safe to get out, let's get out.  This is primarily for prayer & worship (remaining/waiting)  We are believing for conversions, healings, baptisms, and God's preparation for what He has ahead.!  One thought- view the message online and them join us at 10:30 for prayer and worship- experiencing God's presence together!.  Please wear a mask unless medically unable. 

*If you have not been baptized since you have believed, the tank is ready for you each week.    

3.  What about my kids?  Bring them to have someone pray over them!  We realize the unique challenges that come with having children with you.  Yet we want our children to experience the presence of God.  Please free free to come and go as you need.  Also, our nursery and toddler rooms will be open for parents to get away, feed, or change young ones.  (Activity packets will also be available).   

3.  If you haven't jumped on board our church fast, it's not too late.  Here is a guide for fasting with a prayer outline:   What we do in the physical releases what God wants to do in the spiritual! 

Come on- believe with me- the best is yet to come!  Wether you can make it or not, pray. It feels good!  :)  Have a great weekend!

OBA Independence Day update

JULY 3, 2020

Hi Orchard Beach friend

Happy Independence Day weekend! 

If you haven't heard, we've entered a season of "reamining/waiting"!  As we've begun to regather on Sundays at 10:30 AM, our focus is on prayer and worship. We need God.  We need to seek God.  Our community and nation need us to pray.  And, as we look at the beginings of the early church, we see they came together to wait & pray for the Holy Spirit.  We need to pray together. 

This Sunday: (to be in compliance with our governor's orders --masks will now be REQUIRED)

1.  There will be preservice prayer for all who'd like to participate 10-10:30am

2.  Service will begin at 10:30am with a powerful testimony--encouraging us to be READY & have our priorities in line.

3.  Our worship team will lead us into the presence of God thru song

4.  Several leaders will lead in focused prayers

5.  An opportunity will be given for anyone who needs prayer for anything or to be water    

(we realize the unique challenges that come with having children with you.  Yet we want our children to experience the presence of God.  Please free free to come and go as you need.  Also, our nursery and toddler rooms will be open for parents to get away, feed, or change young ones.  Packages of crayons will also be available).   

Have fun this weekend and be safe!


June 23, 2020


We're not rushing back to activity; we're coming back to a fresh encounter - "REMAIN"

We're excited! The doors of Orchard Beach Assembly are reopening for anyone who needs help or wants to join in an emphasis to help others. We are expecting to encounter the Lord. Our desire is not to rush back to activity and things as usual, but to come back to a fresh encounter with the Holy Spirit. With all that is happening in our community, country and the world, from the pandemic, to drug deaths, to the divisiveness & lawlessness, the perceived weakening of the church, to the racial tensions, to the mental health epidemic, to the challenges in our schools, to the millions of people going on unemployment, etc, Orchard Beach will regather Sunday mornings to cooperatively meet with God and call on Him for what only He can do. (prayer & worship)

We believe the Lord is guiding us and is specifically saying:

-I want you to "remain/wait" and pray - because....

-I want to cause people to give up their sins

-I want to heal people- mind and body

-I want to strengthen people and meet tangible needs

-I want to fill everyone with my Spirit

-I want to embolden everyone to speak about Jesus

There will be a brief message with prayer, worship, and specific opportunities for the laying on of hands and water baptism. The focus will be on relaxing in God's presence and following the words given to the church when it first began: "Repent, then and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord,.." Acts 4:19.


Sunday, June 28th - One service at 10:30 AM

(for those who don't feel safe enough to regather yet because of Covid-19, we completely understand and would respect your decision not to attend yet).


We "highly recommend" wearing masks and hope you do, but this will not be policed by staff or volunteers. It's important to understand there are a variety of reasons why some may come and are not able to wear a mask. Let's keep the spirit of unity and respect any differences. (Staff and volunteers will be wearing masks while serving except Pastor Troy while speaking and the worship team while leading from far up front).


--we will all enter and exit thru our North doors only (Main and handicapped entrances)

--we ask that if you are able to please park on South side of building to give closer parking to those who have more trouble getting around

--we will have a no-touch environment: no hand shaking or elbow bumps, no refreshments, no hymnals, offering plates, bulletins, etc.

--we will have several hand sanitizing stations

--we will keep the six foot guidelines except if requesting special prayer with the laying on of hands or with water baptism

--we will all enter and exit in an orderly fashion keeping the guidelines and not lingering in the lobby to socialize (feel free to meet outside)

--we will have every other pew closed off and ask you to keep the 6ft guidelines. (family members may sit together).

--we will dismiss everyone row by row, from back to front.


--no kids ministry will be provided at this time

--we encourage parents to bring supplies for their children (like coloring books) and feel free to slip out whenever necessary - no guilt, no shame! :)

--the nursery & toddler rooms will be available and supplied for parents who may need to feed & change young children.

--kids resources will continue to be made available online


--offering plates will not be passed. If you are unable to give online, offering envelopes will be available at Guest Information to leave in a bucket at Guest Information.

--when communion is offered it will be available in individualized packages


Yes! Our Sunday video messages will continue to be posted. While connected by topic, these will be different and separate from our Sunday gathering times. We're beginning a brand new series called "Remain - Expecting What Only God Can Do"