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We do our best to keep you informed & help you take your next step.  Coming up::
1.  Membership Class:  Is it time for you to go public with you love for Orchard Beach?  Ready to learn more about our statements of faith, symbols of salvation, startegy, leadership structure?  Next Class is Saturday, May 22 from 9-noon.  Express interest here:
2.  Coaches Meeting:  This is for our key leaders who lead teams.  Meeting is in church lobby, Sunday, May 23 at 5:30.  Dinner served.
3.  Baccalaureate:  North East High School.  June 1 at 7 PM 
4.  Youth Beach Party Sunday:  This is a fun time to invite a friend to church.  Sunday, June 6 at 10:30 AM
BEACH BASICS - 3 brief info meetings to help you get started.  Each offered every month during our 10:30AM service. Express interest here:
2nd Sunday:  DECIDE to follow Jesus & prepare for water baptism 
3rd Sunday.   DISCOVER how to grow your faith and find a Life Group right for you
4th Sunday.   DREAM of how God wants to use you and join a ministry team.  
Troy KeithPastor - Orchard Beach Assembly


Feel out of the loop?  We can all at times feel like everyone else in the family knows what's going on but us. That's frustrating!  What's happening for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Independence Day, next message series, events, activities, camps for students, etc??  We want you to be in the know!
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Troy KeithPastor - Orchard Beach Assembly


Thank you for your cooperation as we have been doing our best to keep everyone safe during these Covid-19 concerns.  We celebrate with those who have felt led to get vaccinated and now feel safer to return to in-person gatherings.  It's a new hope-filled time!  In-person attendance has been increasing and we look forward to seeing more and more of you soon.  We also understand those who wish to be more cautious for now.   Every person and family has unique circumstances.   


Going forward, please know:

1.  Beginning this week all pews will be open in the center two sections while the outer sections will remain the same- only every other row open.  This will allow for more seating without going into adding lobby chairs or attempting a second service we're not capable of staffing right now.  We trust you all choose to sit in ways that are most comfortable for you.   

2.  All kids and teens in our ministries, and all volunteers who work with them, continue to be required to wear masks. 

3.  In our adult services, we encourage mask wearing by all who can, to the extent that you can.  We're told it's wise to be most careful during singing time.

4.  For our online audience, please know we are currently making plans to increase visual quality to our live services, add song lyrics during worship, and keep an online host to welcome and inform you of things during the service.  We hope to add to our production team and continue to move forward in this area. 


Other news:

1.  Beginning this week, you may take advantage of fellowship outside the main entrance as two picnic tables will be available, with umbrellas! 

2.  We've recently purchased another van to aid in our transportation needs!  It may be in our parking lot this weekend!

3.  This Sunday, we will be introducing 16 new members to Orchard Beach Assembly!  Let's plan to give a big welcome as they are introduced! 


Troy KeithPastor - Orchard Beach Assembly


One of the criticisms I sometimes hear about is it’s too hard to get to know people at church- especially in a pandemic!!  It's definitely more difficult these days but with a little extra effort, maybe we can pull it off.  For those who feel it may be safe enough, here are three ways you can get to know people at Orchard Beach.

#1 - Check out our newcomer lunch.

These are currently being offered on the first Sunday of each month, following the Sunday am service.  It's informal, informative, brief, and a great first step in getting connected at Orchard Beach.  You can sign up for the next lunch by contacting us here:

#2 - Join a small group.

One of the best ways to “do life” with people is to join a small group.  At Orchard Beach, we call them Life Groups, and they are where we do life together.  Whether it’s 50, 100 or 300 people in a church service, it’s tough to talk about life on Sunday morning. So these Life Groups meet in homes throughout the week. You can give one a try, and if it’s not right, you can try another one.

For a full list of Life Groups, click here

#3 - Join a volunteer team.

This is one of the best ways to get to know people. No matter your stage in life, there’s a certain camaraderie from working together. For example, the 10 or so adults who work in CHAMPS (our Wednesday kids ministry),  have become like family. Same goes for our Meals Team as they serve food at events and for our Wed. student ministries.  Serving at Orchard Beach isn’t complicated.   Visit here and contact us with your interest:

Those are just three ways you can meet people and make church feel a whole lot smaller and more like family! 

Pastor Troy