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Sunday 10:30 AM cASUAL Service

Feeling down? Know you've failed?

Feelng down?  Kind of worthless?  Know you've failed and you're embarrassed?  You just need a boost!  We've all been there and the bible has a lo say about it.  I hope you join us this Sunday for part 4 of "To Hell and Back -when you feel worthless"  (part 3 willl be premiered on Facebook -"dealing with doubts".)

Also, guys, few things build faith and strengthen us like joining with hundreds of other men at our district events.  Here's a great opportunity right here in our neck of the woods:  If you sense God calling you to more or your struggling with the strength to persevere, or just ready to get away with a few other guys, I hope you consider this great opportunity: 

When: Saturday, October 17th. 9am - 3pm
Where: Erie First Assembly of God, 8150 Oliver Rd.
Registration: starts at 8:00am
Cost: $25/person includes lunch
Special speakers include Assembly of God General Superintendent Doug Clay, Evangelist and author John Bevere and Pastor Greg Ford.
Reservations: to help them know how much food to have ready- call our church office at 814-725-3435 by Monday, Oct 12th. Or let us know you are going thru our website here:
Troy KeithPastor - Orchard Beach Assembly

 As we are beginning to regather, we are also coming back to or begining minstry positions.  We know saved people serve people, but, what do you do...


If you are like me, you love God, you know God loves you, but have moments when you feel you don’t have what it takes. Someone else should do it. Everyone would be better off if I didn’t. I’m not qualified. I KNOW others could do it better!

I recently led a meeting in the church. I did not hear- that was great! Instead I heard- you need to do that differently. You should read this great book I just read.

I felt deflated and discouraged and feelings of insecurity flowed through me. I felt like- I just don’t have what it takes! So, what do you do when you know you don’t have what it takes?

1. Remember your calling

God never calls you to what he doesn’t equip you for. If He directed you to do it, he’ll help you get thru it. There may be times when a change is in order but in most cases, you just need to hear His voice, not all the others. Remember your calling!

2. Just do your best

As I’ve always told my kids about academics- you don’t have to do better than anyone else. You just need to do your best. If you do your best, God will do the rest. Yes, there are those who can do it better but God put YOU where you are. Just do your best!

3. Know the enemy is counting on you to quit

If he can keep you focused on yourself, rather than Christ, the body of Christ will suffer. When you don’t use your God-given gifts, others go without what God intended and when that happens people are hurt, not helped. He is evil! Know the enemy is counting on you to quit!

4. Become part of a team

You were never meant to do it alone. Connect with a church family. Sign up for using your gifts on a team. Ask a friend to do it with you. We are all members of the body of Christ. EVERY member is important and necessary and we’re meant to help each other. We’re all better together. Become part of a team!

5. Read the book 

When someone offers help- take it. Keep learning. Keep growing. Yes- I felt deflated but I was being helped. When you feel you have fallen down, while down there, pick something up. Take it as an opportunity to get better. Read the book!

Listen, you’ve been saved to serve. Your brothers and sisters in Christ need you. God gave you something they need. With all that is going on in or nation and world, this isn’t the time to wallow in self pity. Step up and step into your calling. Who cares if you don’t have what it takes? It’s not by might. It’s not by power. It’s by my Spirit says the Lord!

For I am the Lord your God

who takes hold of your right hand

and says to you, Do not fear;

I will help you. Isaiah 41:131


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Finally ready to give prayer a shot?


Troy KeithPastor - Orchard Beach Assembly


1.  Will you teach our young adult class?

When my pastor asked me this question it started me off on a journey of bible study, teaching, and ministry that changed my life. After a period of time I had a supernatural experience with God and felt called into full time ministry. It began with a question- Will you teach our young adult class?

2.  Do you believe God loves you?

When two doctors stood two feet away from me and said your daughter has a zero percent chance of survival, a friend later asked me, “Do you believe God loves you?”  And then he said, “If you do, then you can trust Him.”  Fortunately, I didn’t doubt God’s love.  From that moment on I’ve been consumed with this truth - you will trust God only when you know He loves you. (FYI- my daughter thrives today but I would have been good with God either way. I trust Him). It began with a question- Do you believe God loves you?

3.  What would a great leader do?

When Andy Stanley asked this question (in a teaching session) it set me on a course to make better and bolder decisions.  Forget about what you feel you can do or what seems within your comfort zone and ask this question.  It’s helped me to think beyond myself when faced with challenges. It began with a question- What would a great leader do?

4.  Will you take this woman to be your wife?

Talk about a life changer!  :). When the wedding officiate asked this question, I was in tears, humbled that God would provide this Incredible bride that stood before me. This set me on a journey rich in growth and love. She literally brought me out of my brother’s basement into a life I could never dream, spearheading all that was before us. Her life has made mine better. It began with a question- Will you take this woman to be your wife?

How about you?  What question has changed your life?  It’s interesting to think about how Jesus often answered questions with questions. Questions have a power to take us to new places. Let me leave you with just one more- Is Jesus your best friend?  Why or why not?  An incredible journey with God is ahead. It begins with a question!  

Learn more about making Jesus your best friend thru our current message series "Friend Request"


Troy Keith  Pastor - Orchard Beach Assembly