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Begins Sunday, April 26th

LISTEN: Last Words of His Last Week

In times like never before, it's time to listen like never before. For sure, God has things to say. Could his final words on earth be the words we need to hear? If you knew you were only going to be on earth for one final week – and those closest to you really had no idea, nor was it possible for them to understand, it was your final week – what would you want to say to them? What would you want to do with them; what would you try to do for them?

Jesus faced exactly that scenario. He knew when His time with His followers, as well as with those who opposed Him, was down to a final week. He was also aware that none of them could understand His time was limited.

What would you say to people on your "death bed"? What did he, the Son of God, say in his final week? Let's listen!

LISTEN. I so much want to hear God and do whatever He says. I know you do too. I'm convinced, He has been speaking to us. Are you listening? He has been speaking. He has spoken several private things to me that have helped so much. But He's also given me & Rhonda words to share with you - the body. Let's review the past sevearl weeks.

Looking at Jesus' last words of His last week, He said to his disciples and he has said to us:

1. Look at me. When you look at me you'll see the Father. Let's listen and look--everyday as we read His word, and look into his face during prayer. Are you looking? Don't get lazy with the Lord. As you look, I pray he reveals himself to you in new ways and strengthens you each day. .

2. Let me wash you. You'll be better on the other side. Let's listen and ask for washing. What needs to get cleaned up? Don't just try harder. If that worked- you would have done it a long time ago. Surrender and ask Him to do the washing. I pray you sense His cleansing power. Don' believe the lie that any sin is OK.

3. Lay your life down. You will be blessed. Let's listen and begin outserving others in our homes, at work, and in our community. Let's be the one to meet the other's needs before our own. . Let's be willing to suffeer and self-deny in order to put others first. Blessings WILL come.

4. Love at a new level. This will prove you belong to the Lord. Let's listen and decide to love the unlovable, love our enemies, love those who see things differently love as Jesus loves us. Who has been difficult for you to love? Go and love them. .

5. Leave your worries. Show just how much you trust Jesus. Let's listen and believe, with Jesus, better things are ahead and we can ask whatever and he will give it. We will never lack what we need to accomplish His will in any way--it's a promise. So- ask! Are you listening?

Let's LISTEN. He is speaking. He is working. He is leading. Step out and step up and let Him lead. Imagine our entire church family, listening!

Can't wait to share our final message of this series this Sunday!

June 2020