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Sunday 10:30 AM cASUAL Service

one year bible institute

Dive deeper into God’s Word!

Orchard Beach is partnering with our district’s Penndel School of Ministry to offer a deeper bible education for those with a hunger for God’s word and want to go deeper.  Hundreds of students have already found the Bible Institute to be the answer for fitting quality ministry training into their existing life schedule.




A next-level bible education in partnership with Penndel School of Ministry

Ideal for Life Group leaders, bible study teachers and all who just want to go deeper       

Features 9 classes

Online self-study with one in-person meeting led by qualified instructors/pastors

Rewarded with diploma when you have completed all 9 classes

Included classes:             Corinthians, Synoptic Gospels, Acts, Romans, Prison Epistles, Pentateuch,                                                   Old & New Testament Survey, and the Poetic Books.

Class schedule is located at:    (Courses tab)



1.  Choose just one course and be done or take all 9 courses to receive a Bible Institute Diploma.  All         courses are designed to be able to be taken within one year.    

2.  Register for classes between the 1st and 22nd of the month prior to your chosen class.  The sooner, the    more time for class work.  

3.  Complete the Study Guide, on your own, within one month. (study guide provided at registration)

4.  For each class, attend one in-person meeting for personal instruction, and exam.   


(The Bible Institute features live instruction and requires a minimum of five hours of classroom instruction and an exam per course. Prior to class time, students must read the textbook and answer related study questions. Informal student surveys indicate this pre-classroom component requires anywhere from 15 to 25 hours of individual preparation and study.) 


Attend your in-person meeting at one of these 4 sites

Bethlehem Central Assembly of God campus meets the 1st Saturday of each month
Irwin Calvary Assembly Campus 
meets the 2nd Saturday of each month     (closest -2 ½ hr. drive)
Wyncote Calvary Assembly campus
meets the 2nd Saturday of each month
Camp Hill Christian Life Assembly campus 
meets the 3rd Saturday of each month



(All registration/payments should be completed online at


One-time registration fee - $75      (

Tuition per class - $75

Textbooks – students are responsible to purchase their own textbooks via Amazon, etc.  

Classes are held September – June

Registration is open the 1st thru the 22nd the month prior to each class.

Class schedule is located at:  (Courses tab)


Each student will receive a Study Guide attached to their registration receipt.  Students will have one month to complete the course work and then attend one of the four PDSOM campuses one Saturday a month.  Classes consist of review of the Study Guide, the Final Exam and teaching from the Faculty.  

*This course study is for a Diploma only and does not equate to Ministerial Credentials.







Training by educated and experienced church leaders

Perspectives and questions shared in a classroom filled with students who have years (often decades) of experience with churches and ministry in the same district

Networking opportunities with district leaders and fellow ministers

Motivation to complete coursework in time for scheduled dates




You will arrive at 8:30 for check-in at the site. You will turn in your completed Study Guide at check-in and go directly to class. The first order of business will be the grading of the Study Guides, a brief discussion of your answers, and a review of the material you have studied. After a short break, you will take your final exam for the course and break for lunch. After lunch, the exams will be randomly distributed and you will grade someone else’s exam. The rest of the day (until 5:00) will be spent in practical applications of the material you have learned. This will be a totally different learning experience from the typical classroom. The emphasis will not be on content delivery from teacher to student, but on the practical application of the material you have learned.



Get started on the Bible Institute track here: